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Donate to any (or all) campaigns to provide financial assistance for the care and treatment of animals in need. Support your local shelters and rescues or go global find a campaign dear to you. Every organization featuring a campaign is verified as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

  • Midge


    Help Midge fight Parvo

    1 backers | $100.00 of $2,000.00 raised

  • Chester

    HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team, Inc.

    In Memory of Chester

    2 backers | $100.00 of $2,000.00 raised

  • Rosa

    HEART Animal Rescue and Adoption Team, Inc.

    Rosa has PARVO!!!

    6 backers | $160.00 of $3,000.00 raised

  • Blue

    Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

    Blue with the broken leg

    2 backers | $55.00 of $1,500.00 raised

  • Educate-A-Bull

    Sponsor Shelter Stays for Timmy, Leo and Remy

    4 backers | $155.00 of $2,500.00 raised

  • Rick James

    Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

    Surgery for Rick James

    33 backers | $970.00 of $3,000.00 raised

  • Edith

    Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

    Eye surgery for Edith

    3 backers | $15.00 of $400.00 raised

  • Leo

    Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

    Surgery to fix two broken legs for Leo

    5 backers | $140.00 of $4,000.00 raised

  • Shelters and Rescues

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