Eye surgery for Edith

Edith is an approximately 8 year old Miniature Pinscher who came to the shelter in rough condition. From her threadbare coat and torn, tattered ears to her grossly overgrown nails which curved under her paw pads, it was apparent that she had endured years of neglect and breeding. She was immediately moved into a loving foster home so that she could recover from surgery to remove her badly damaged right eye which was beyond repair. She also had several loose teeth extracted and a spay surgery was performed. Despite her discomforts and the new challenges of having limited vision, she remains the picture of resiliency and acceptance. She is ever loving, affectionate and animated with everyone she meets. She is an equal opportunity snuggler and will spend hours curled upon the lap of whoever is willing to spend time with her. She does not let life's difficulties get her down. During her first week in foster care, it was, also, discovered that Edith suffers from seizures. She is adjusting beautifully to her new medication and hasn't had a seizure while on the medication. The seizure disorder will be a lifetime condition that will be managed easily with inexpensive daily medication and yearly blood work. Edith still has many years of life and love left to share with a special someone in her forever home.

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  • May 02, 2016

    Since recovering from her surgery and starting medication for her seizures, Edith has been doing wonderfully. You would never know that her sight was limited as she is agile and adventurous. She has the sweetest disposition and is a friend to everyone she meets. She also has a spunky, playful side and her nub of a tail is always joyfully wagging. She has been adopted by her foster mother's mother where she spends her days sniffing out rabbits in the yard, snuggling and visiting extended family members. She also recently took her first outing to the family's cottage and enjoyed a long walk on the beach.