Surgery for Rick James

Rick James is an adorable French bulldog facing an uphill battle. Starting with respiratory distress, Rick James has been in and out of the emergency clinic. He now needs soft palate surgery and will require significant follow-up care. The good news is that Rick James has a forever home lined up for when he gets healthy - he will just need a lot of support to get there. Please consider a donation to help out this four-legged rockstar and send good vibes his way - he will need it.

If you prefer to donate by check, please send your checks to Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, Attn: Donations, 380 North Oak Street, Buffalo, NY 14203. Checks should be made payable to Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.




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Donor List

  • ashley kaminski donated $30.00
  • cheryl flury donated $25.00
  • Catherine Mott donated $25.00
  • Karolina Bazylewicz donated $15.00
  • Deborah Barone donated $15.00
  • Helen steinel donated $25.00
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  • Andrea Skowron donated $50.00
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  • Kelsey Reimers donated $25.00
  • Wendy Lipinczyk donated $25.00
  • Peggy Eisensmith donated $50.00
  • Marie mauro donated $50.00
  • Lori Cedro donated $40.00
  • Bonny Rzeszutek donated $25.00
  • Katie Q donated $25.00
  • Michelle Czachorowski donated $40.00
  • Renee Knoffloch donated $10.00
  • Katrina mathewson donated $15.00
  • Kara klaasesz donated $25.00
  • Jillian panda donated $15.00
  • Cheryl Messore donated $5.00
  • Jennifer Ward donated $50.00
  • Ginny Jaskier donated $15.00
  • Linda Miceli donated $25.00
  • Ali Gaston donated $100.00
  • nicholas barone donated $15.00
  • Mark T. Branden donated $50.00

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  • May 26, 2016

    Rick James is resting at home and on his long road to recovery. He will need to relax and chill for the next few days but he is already feeling better now that he can breathe (even though he still sounds a little like a mellow gremlin)! Please keep sending prayers, good juju and positive vibes for Rick James!